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About Us


SoftWareHouse Incorporated ('SoftWareHouse') is a seller of software, products and services which enable retailers to get their merchandise online quickly and cost effectively. We also specialise in the development of online forms for data entry and validation.

SoftWareHouse offers offers a range of packages from simply retailing the software to create an online storefront, to completely outsourced solutions where we set up the online store front for the merchant, even photographing the products and marketing them online. You select the package based on your budget and the skill level in your organisation.

SoftWareHouse Incorporated  was established in 1999 primarily to provide software consultancy services. In the 11 years since its inception, the company has consistently delivered information management solutions that keep pace with today’s evolving needs, and has assisted several organizations to maximize their investments in web-based technology. We are committed to assisting our clients with the technical challenges of getting online with high-quality hardware and software solutions that are innovative, reliable and tailored to their requirements.

SoftWareHouse Incorporated has 4 employees in Barbados and 1 in the Netherlands: 2 highly qualified installation and service technicians, 2 specialist software developers and 1 Linux expert. These employees are all trained in the latest technology; they are all Microsoft certified and hold a masters or bachelors degree in computer science.



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